ChatGPT like you haven’t seen it before. Trained on Google’s own SEO documentation, Quality Rater Guidelines and blog posts. Ask questions without the worry of made up answers.  

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Here’s what Google’s Documentation Says…

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Sample Questions to Ask

How Does This Work?

Most frequent questions and answers

It’s rather simple, ask any SEO related question and wait for an answer. This version of ChatGPT is trained on Google’s own documentation giving higher fidelity answers than the base model. 

More specific questions will beget better answers. Creating a user profile will enable long term chat history to be saved. 

Yes and no. Base ChatGPT which operates on either GPT4 or GPT3.5, is good at providing basic SEO information but can be prone to “hallucinating” answers. That is, it can make stuff up or be factually incorrect. 

ChatSEO uses the base GPT3.5 model trained on Documentation directly from Google. It bases all answers on that documentation if the documentation doesn’t have the answer, this version of ChatGPT will tell you so. 

This tool is useful for any SEO, writer, developer or product person using SEO to build a business. ChatSEO can answer basically every question about SEO

ChatSEO is not good at answering specific use cases or highly tailored questions. It is trained on a general SEO knowledge base and shouldn’t be thought of as a personal SEO assistant (yet) 

By creating a user profile you can get a saved chat history

OpenAI, the company behind ChatGPT, allows users to create “embeddings”. Embeddings are vectorized bits of text (in this case from Google Documentation). Whenever you make a search, the Chat engine pulls bits of those embeddings to look for the proper answer. 

You can use this tool to tap into a vast SEO knowledge base that include:

  • Google’ search and developer Documentation 
  • Google’s Quality Rater Guidelines 
  • Google’s Youtube videos 

User will be limited to 5 questions per day. OpenAI is not free and the numbers of requests per day needs to be limited.  

Eventually if enough people find the tool useful. 

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